Kjerna in Efjord. Hiking in Northern Norway with amazing view. | Visit Narvik

It points out of the vertical rock-wall like a carved sculpture, providing a clear connection to Norway’s Pulpit further south in the country.

The trip up to Kjerna alternates between hiking straight on polished rocks, and also between smaller stone slopes. The low vegetation gets stuck between all the rocks whenever possible. There is something Tolkein-like about the whole landscape. The vertical wall enclosing the core on all sides creates a unique airy feeling, beside the intimidating view on all sides that you can enjoy from the top. To the left, you will find the Lofoten walls as if they are shooting out from the sea, like a beautiful and shiny white strip, and to the southeast, you will find Stetind guarding its magical kingdom.

The trip reaches its climax as you move forward toward the edge of the cliff and spot the one little village of Eida beneath, where you will also point out a collection of tiny houses further down in the mountain. The trip is suitable for the whole family, as long as everyone, both big and small, are cautious near the top.

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